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The Founders Society is a gathering place for many.

Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Friends. Artists. Dreamers.

But most importantly, we are comprised of Founders,

women charting their own paths in their creative ventures - together.

It takes courage to choose your dream every single day. 

To tell the story you're called to share.

To orient towards your true North. 

And to do so in good company.

If you find yourself on a similar journey,

then welcome home, founder.

The society awaits.


tune in every week to the


Welcome to The Founders Society Podcast, where creativity meets entrepreneurship in a symphony of inspiring stories and heartfelt connections. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Hayley Price and Meg Indy, this podcast is your invitation to the table—a place set for dreamers, makers, and shakers.


Whether you're a seasoned founder or just starting out, The Founders Society Podcast is your gateway to aligning with your true North, surrounded by a community that champions women just like you.


It’s hard to put into words what this trip meant for me, and I think for our group as a whole. To be surrounded by other creatives who were all so uplifting, the energy was remarkable and the knowledge & experience gained will never be forgotten! I *cannot wait* to see what the future holds, not only for each beautiful member, but the Founders Society itself. The sky is the limit!

Danielle, Artist

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