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The Founders Society was born from a shared dream. When leading founders, Meg Indy & Hayley Price, first crossed paths in 2018 their combined passion for the arts, entrepreneurship, and community started a friendship. 


Several years later, that friendship blossomed into a society. The Founders Society. A gathering place for like minded, creative entrepreneurs to come together and dream.From gatherings to getaways, Meg & Hayley open the door and add a seat to the table for all whofeel called to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys in good company. 


If you find yourself on a similar journey,

then welcome home, founder.

The society awaits.



leading founder, gallerist, artist & coach

Hayley believe it takes an artist to know an artist. Being an artist can be one of the most fulfilling careers, but can also be one of the most frustrating. The time and effort that goes into creating, often leaves little time for other tasks such as marketing, networking, website development, and financials. Working with numerous artists, Hayley has found that artists sometimes don’t know the best ways to use their time and attack all of these different challenges.

With experience, starting and running her own creative business, growing an online & physical art gallery and coaching artists internationally how to better run their businesses, Hayley knows the art world inside and out. Her calling to helping artists grow into their versions of success and finding the tools they need to ultimately get back into the studio doing what they love.


leading founder, creative consultant & artist

Meg Indy is a creative entrepreneur living in New York City with a passion for helping others find their true calling. After earning her bachelors in Business & Social Entrepreneurship at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Meg worked in marketing for a Big Four company before launching a successful art career and opening an all female co-working studio in Atlanta, GA.


Over the last five years, Meg has consulted with dozens of small business owners & creatives alike to guide them through self imposed barriers and encourage them to dream bigger. From honing your narrative to expanding business towards a life that aligns with your spirit, it would be Meg's honor to walk alongside you on your journey. 


follow her story @meg_indy


Interested in partnership opportunities with the Founders Society?

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